Lia Habel - Dearly Departed (Gone With the Respiration #1)

My review of this book is at the link below. I gave it five stars. I absolutely loved this novel, such a unique take on not only Zombies, but on young adult romance. I am thoroughly impressed. = )

Review of Wither, by Lauren DeStefano

This was a beautiful novel, the imagery was very detailed, and the world was all too believable. It’s a great feat when an author can create a future that’s so hopeless caused from the desire to survive.
Before I go on and on about what I loved about the novel, let’s start with something that is obviously consistent throughout the novel. First person point of views. I am still not a huge fan of first person narratives, they bother me a bit and I find them lazy on the author’s behalf, especially if it is a slower paced or less action based novel like this one. First person I find is best used for immediacy and though their lives are short and have their own immediacy to them, I would have preferred this novel to have been written in third person with limited omniscience.
What did work in the favour of Ms. DeStefano to create the reality of such short lives is the way she introduced the setting. You encounter the initial action while learning about the world, right from the first page….

Opening and Delirium.

To start this is a place where I will write all of my honest opinions. You may hate them, you may love them. Either way though, if you’re reading them I suppose that means I am doing something right in the world of blog writing.

Alrighty, well lets get some basic information out there. I’m female, eighteen, My name is actually Selina, and I’m super laid back. I love reading, in fact I work in a bookstore and was just asked to work at a library. Aside from a whole bunch of random thoughts that will be going into this blog there will be either straight reviews or links to reviews I’ve written on a book. Depends on if there’s an underlying bother about a novel that I feel is unhelpful to someone considering a book, that part I’ll save for the blog.

Lets jump right in shall we? This is going to contain spoilers, not that I’d suggest you read this book anyways. For my full review of Delirium by Lauren Oliver go to . What I really want to say about this novel by Lauren Oliver is that it is pathetic. She destroys the integrity of what it means to be in love. Her protagonist Lena is more in love with love itself then her boyfriend/not-actually-love-of-her-life Alex. In the book she talks about how she is going to kill her self, and is brainstorming ways to escape to do just that because she cannot be with Alex, yet at the end of the novel she doesn’t shed a tear for her dear Alex who remains standing in a field for no apparent reason. My theory? So that Lena can go on to fall in love with another boy in the sequel only for Alex to return and create the ever famous love triangle present in todays generation of young adult novels. One thing about die-for-you love: losing it tears you apart, the thought of it knocks the wind from your chest, and if you survive it you do not fall for the first guy who shows you attention. Depending on how free you are with your vagina you may go sleep with that man, but not love him. That is what bothers me about this novel and this author. Aside from over all sucking at carrying through with a potentially great plot, she turned her character into a fickle Romeo no girl would aspire to be like, no matter how naive. Love is not something that you get over quickly. Even in Twilight: New Moon, hate the books if you will, but at least through the entirety of that novel Bella always chose Edward, it was always clear to Jacob that for Bella it would always be Edward, he had no in, sure she loved him, but she wouldn’t let him really know because to her Edward was what she would always choose even if she couldn’t have him, she was not fickle. Lena is.

Do you hate the love triangles in young adult literature? Then you and I should be friends.

Lotsa not-forever-love,

Moxie Rose.